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We had great weather for our August Cull, a bit hot maybe, but nice and sunny! This brought 25 shooters to the course, and the results of their efforts are as follows:


CULL WINNER: Jason T, using a sweet little Ruger 10/22

SECOND PLACE: Jeremy Duvel

THIRD PLACE: Bret Patterson


MOST ACCURATE went to Jason T, Eric Simmons, and Brian P (in that order)


Stage by Stage...


BAY #1: A blind bay again, with the shooter entering the front hall of their home after a trip to the store. They arrive home to see signs of a struggle, and hear their spouse shout "they've got guns!". The sounds which follow that shout indicate there's no time to call 911, so draw & clear the house of bad-guys! Any target scoring -7 or more will land you on the "dead" list, since that bad guy was not neutralized. Likewise, a hit on a non-threat target will land you on the "dead" list, since legal concerns and bereavement might change your life forever.


JEREMY DUVEL won this bay, clearing the house with with no prior knowledge of the layout and a clean score of 19 seconds. BRET PATTERSON was a tenth of a second behind him, and JASON T finished clean in 20.71.



BAY #2: Simulated a movie theater where ISIS terrorists are randomly shooting at the crowd. These threats a re tightly mixed among non-threat targets, and some of the ISIS figures are swinging madly back and forth.


JASON T picked-off the ISIS bad guys from among the movie-goers in 13.21 seconds using his 10/22, JEREMY DUVEL did the same in 19.73 seconds, and BRET PATTERSON in 21.81.



BAY #3: Consisted of three short strings of fire. First was a "Bill Drill", firing 6 shots into a target at 7 yards. Next you had to save a hostage from 10 yards with two shots to the bad guy's head. Finally, dispatch three partially hidden thugs who threatening to take your car & your life.


JEREMY DUVEL shot all three stages in well under 10 seconds (8.93), JASON T took 10.10 seconds, and TOM MOROVITZ finished in 11.63 seconds.



The NEXT cull is slated for 10am September 6th, hope to see you there!


You can see all our Izaak Walton events on the calendar...


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