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Hey Cullers,


If you are seething with disappointment that the apocalypse didn't occur with the recent blood moon, as I am, then here's one way to blow-off some of that steam & blast-away some of the rounds you may have stock-piled -- it's time for the OCTOBER ZOMBIE CULL -- my personal favorite cull of the year!


Because Halloween falls in October we typically treat this cull with a bit more enthusiasm. All attendees are invited (not mandated though) to attire themselves in gear & get-up appropriate for culling zombies. That might mean you come dressed as a zombie, or that you wear your best 'operator tac-vest', helmet, etc.


In keeping with the theme, we'll set-up our scenarios a bit more on the zombie/monster side of things. They'll still be good defensive practice, but you might be expected to carve your way out of trouble using a blade, or some other non-gun related strategies. We'll keep it all handicap friendly though (no running a hundred yards, I promise), so all can enjoy the event.


We'll try to throw a few scenarios your way prior to the event, but we won't give-away all the details till the day of the cull.


10am as usual, be early to gear-up & get registered. Be sure to invite friends & family.


At the Izaak Walton, Dubuque Chapter, 11001 Thunderhills Rd., Peosta, IA 52068


Stay prepared!


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